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Successful Meetings / November 1990


American Icons For Hire

The Statue of Liberty
AKA:  Jennifer Stewart

BEGINNINGS:  I was teaching art to schizophrenic adults in Iowa and one of my students told me I looked like the Statue of Liberty. At first I just made a diagnostic note about his behavior, but his comment stuck with me.

BREAKING INTO THE BUSINESS: Winning the National Statue of Liberty look-alike contest in 1986.

APPEARANCES:  I do meetings, conventions, parties, and school functions. I also appeared in the movie Joe vs. the Volcano. The writer saw me in Washington Square Park in New York and wrote a special role for me.

ENDURANCE LEVEL:  I can hold the statue pose for about 20 minutes. If I don't move at all, people will walk right by without knowing I am alive.

LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS:  I also perform a Liberty rap song I wrote, and at elementary schools I do a slide show about the Statue of Liberty and civil liberties that teaches kids and anti-drug message.

ASPIRATION:  To make a difference in the world.

WORST PART OF THE JOB:  When people try to tickle me.

CONTACT:  Jennifer Stewart, (718) 935-1157.

Photo © Jeff Dodge


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